Development of shareholders’ equity

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The Petrosibir share

Starting from 17 February 2016 Petrosibir’s B shares are traded on the OTC-list of beQuoted. Share price information is available here. The share is traded under the name PSIB-B, ISIN code SE0000514572

Trading in the share is done via a bank or broker. The bank contacts in turn contacts the marketplace who matches the order with other banks’ orders. Either the trade is completed or registered to be matched with later matching orders. Realtime purchase and sale prices are for example available at Avanza, Nordnet, Affärsvärlden and beQuoted.

A shares are not listed.

Share capital

Shares outstanding A shares:       761 900
B shares:  29 011 962
Total number of shares 29 773 862
Quotient value SEK 6,07
Total number of votes 36 630 962
Share capital SEK 180 806 241