In 2009 Petrosibir was granted the Suyanovskoye license in the Russian republic of Bashkiria. Suyanovskoye comprises 300 square kilometers and is surrounded by oil-producing fields. It lies directly to the west of the company’s other two license areas, Rustamovskoye and Aysky.

The Suyanovskoye license is a combined exploration and production license. Bashneft, the leading oil company in Bashkiria, currently produces oil from the neighboring fields Shimskoye, Kungakskoye and Islamovskoye. Around 15 wells were drilled in the license area during the Soviet era, and oil was encountered in layers from the Carboniferous period. None of the Soviet wells was drilled as far down as the Devonian period, from which Petrosibir is producing oil on the neighboring Rustamovskoye block, indicating further potential.

Petrosibir has collected 95 + 142 km of seismic data at the Suyanovskoye field and identified three structures. The oil resources are estimated to amount to approximately 47 million barrels of oil. Previously conducted helium studies on the field indicate the presence of hydrocarbons and an active petroleum system.