In 2009 Petrosibir was awarded a new exploration license in the Russian republic of Bashkiria. This license area, Aysky, is 187 square kilometers and lies directly to the east of the company’s first license area, Rustamovskoye.

The license gives Petrosibir the right to explore for oil and gas. Over ten wells were drilled in the Aysky area during the Soviet era, and oil was found in horizons from the Devonian period. Bashneft, the leading Bashkirian oil company, produces oil from the bordering Metelinskoye field.

138 km of seismic data has been collected during 2011-2013 at Aysky, and three structures have been identified, of which one may be an extension of the structure the company already produces from at Rustamovskoye. Petrosibir has created new structure maps and identified locations for exploration wells. The resources at Aysky have been estimated to amount to 20 million barrels of oil.